Council Member Elaine Williams

Elaine Williams

Council Member & Chair of the Community, Health and Environment Committee (CHEC)

Capitol Heights Town Council002 (002)

Phone: 202-765-8541
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Professional & Personal Life

Elaine Williams is a town member who completed a program designed to empower visionaries and managers with experiential knowledge of how Governments work. This Public Manager was Certified (CPM) in the Nation’s Capitol in 2006. While working for DC Schools, Ms. Williams established an inventory program that enforced the recovery of lost assets. She completed the Program for Education in Municipal Management (PEMM) with the Center for Excellence in Municipal Management at George Washington University.

These credentials were preceded by a 15 year career in Information Technology. At the Office of Facilities Management in DC Public Schools, her tenure offered opportunities to speak before and work with City Council members. Affiliated with the Board of Education, she presided over a Capitol Hill Toastmaster’s International club. Mother of 5 adults, Ms. Williams built an information technology team to support Planning, Design, and Construction departments in creating city-wide building plans. Formerly employed at the Prince George’s Community College, Ms. Williams contributed to the Y2K projects isolating the school from potential technological failure.

Current Projects & Work

Within the past two years this grandmother and first time political candidate participated in:

  • 202 Neighborhood Coalition
  • Capitol Heights Anacostia Watershed Project
  • Capitol Heights Day
  • Capitol Heights Fitness Challenge
  • Opening of the first Capitol Heights community garden
  • Town Sponsored Yoga your Way project

Ms. Williams has introduced new town activities as a health and wellness enthusiast. Now her goal is to serve her community by strengthening the links between Town residents and the Government that serves them.

Community, Health and Environment Committee (CHEC)

This committee is designed to engage community around health and the environment that connects us. Members will brainstorm and execute sustainable ideas that advance designated community goals. 

We have already experienced success in increasing engagement as our meetings average 12 participants to date.  Membership applications are available and leadership is now forming.  Supported projects include:  Feeding 5000 Apprenticeship program, Prince George’s County Department of Planning’ s Zoning 101, and Vibrant Health & Wellness’s Living Vibrant – year long, health awareness project.  Join us to take your part in our community growth.

Community, Health and Environment Committee Meetings

Join the Town of Capitol Heights, MD Community, Health and Environment Committee (CHEC) meeting every third Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM. All meetings are currently being held via Zoom. 

Call in: (301) 715-8592 

Meeting ID: 960 7397 3676 | Passcode: 054572 or;

Click link to join Zoom Meeting Online: