Ethics Complaint Form

Any person may file a complaint form with the Ethics Commission. These complaints shall be written and under oath or affirmation. The Commission may refer a complaint to the Town Attorney or its own legal counsel, if appropriate, for investigation and review. If, after receiving an investigative report, the Commission determines there are insufficient facts upon which to base a determination of violation, it may dismiss the complaint. 

If there is a reasonable basis for believing a violation has occurred then the subject of the complaint shall be given an opportunity for a hearing conducted on the record. Any final determination resulting from the hearing shall include findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Ethics Committee Members will review and respond to submitted forms within three to four weeks in the order they are received.


Complaint Form. PDF

Complaint Form. Online

Ethics Commission Members 

Ethics Commission TitlesEmail
Redell V, NapperEthics Commission Chairmanrnapper@capitolheightsmd.com410-776-1392
Jean Johnson Ethics Commission Memberjjohnson@capitolheightsmd.com410-776-1392
Lessie HairstonEthics Commission Memberlhairston@capitolheightsmd.com410-776-1392
Mabke Rahman ElEthics Commission Alternatemrahman@capitolheightsmd.com410-776-1392