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Posted on: March 26, 2019

Citations Issued/Parking Citations (Clarification)

This correspondence is to ensure equity and consistency for the Parking Ordinance for the Town of Capitol Heights. It has come to my attention that some citizens responded to the Capitol Heights Police Department to be refunded for a residential parking citation which was issued. As per our conversation during the public meeting on March11, 2019, the waiving of citations only covers changes made to the Parking Ordinance. The only streets which were affected by the changes to the Parking Ordinance are Chamber, Larchmont and Commercial Vehicle Parking. All other parking violations are subject to citations due to no changes in the parking ordinance. There was no need to inform citizens for residential parking violations which incurred no changes. We want to continue fairness to all of our citizens and with fairness, equity. Please insure that your constituents are made aware that there were no changes to existing parking codes throughout the rest of the town. These are the same codes which have been in place prior to the introduction of the new codes which only affect the above locations.

Citations Issued/Parking Citations (Clarification) Memo