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Posted on: October 16, 2019

Pepco’s Smart Home Pilot Program Opens New Doors to Energy Savings for Customers

Pepco’s Smart Home Pilot Program Opens New Doors to Energy Savings for Customers

Eligible Maryland customers can receive a free smart home kit, valued at $700, to help reduce energy costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 16, 2019) – A new Pepco program is helping Maryland customers turn their home into a “smart home,” providing new tools and information that can save customers even more money and energy all year long. Pepco’s Smart Home Pilot Program provides participating customers with a free Smart Home Kit packed with devices that can help customers take steps to reduce their energy usage and identify where energy may be wasted in the home.

“We are pleased to provide our valued customers with additional energy saving resources, which provides them with the ability to reduce energy consumption in their homes, while also reducing energy costs,” said Donna Cooper, Pepco region president. “Empowering our customers with information and additional resources to help control their energy usage is central to our commitment to being a trusted energy advisor to our customers.”

Enrolling in the Smart Home Pilot makes it easy for Pepco customers to:

  • Monitor and control lighting, home appliances, and other devices remotely.
  • Receive notifications about their home’s energy use.
  • Save money and energy by using automated smart home rules.

Pepco customers who enroll in the new program will receive a Smart Home Kit, valued at $700. The kit includes:

  • Gateway Hub – Connects to your home internet using a provided Ethernet cable. Acting as a centralized hub for all your Pepco Smart Home devices, it enables you to control and monitor your smart home from any location using your mobile device.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor – Makes your smart thermostat even smarter and helps ensure that you’re comfortable in any room throughout the day.
  • Large Load Controller – Helps you manage energy consumption from your electric water heater or pool pump—two appliances that use a lot of energy.
  • Smart Thermostat – Learns your preferences and make automatic adjustments to your home’s temperature to improve comfort and performance, especially during energy conservation events
  • Motion Sensor – Detects motion in your home using infrared technology, helping your smart home equipment detect occupancy, so you can set them to turn your lights on or off automatically to make sure your home stays energy efficient.
  • Smart Plugs – Allows you to control and monitor household electronics like your entertainment center, small kitchen appliances, and other equipment through your mobile device. You can schedule your plugs to turn on or off at certain times of the day and monitor how much energy certain appliances use—helping you identify which household items might be consuming the most energy.
  • Smart Switches – Allows you to control the lighting in your home both remotely through your mobile device and on a set schedule. When connected to lighting, you can create schedules for when the lights should automatically turn on or off, or even adjust the brightness—especially during conservation periods.
  • Entry Sensors – Monitors and alerts you through your mobile device if your doors or windows are open, ensuring you avoid wasting energy by having one of them open while using your heat or air conditioner.

To be eligible for the pilot program, Pepco residential customers in Maryland must:

  • Reside in a single-family home or individually metered townhouse or condominium for at least 12 months
  • Have an electric heat pump or central air conditioning
  • Have an Ethernet internet connection available in the home (typically an available port on your router)
  • Have a password-secured home Wi-Fi connection
  • Have an iOS or Android mobile device

Becoming part of the Smart Home Pilot is about more than just saving energy and money. Joining the program also helps customers save time by making everyday household tasks more convenient. All of the Smart Home Kit’s energy-saving devices connect to a gateway hub that is included in the kit. The hub empowers customers to automate tasks they would normally handle manually, like setting the temperature or turning lights on and off.

Customers can also get energy-saving tips based on their unique needs. They can choose to get alerts when doors or windows are opened, or other motion is detected, when they are away from home—so they can stay in control of energy use, no matter where they are.

Enrollment is determined by a screening process and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information and to sign up your household, customers can call 855-530-5802 or visit

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