How is the Town Administrator selected?

The vacancy usually is announced in the ICMA Newsletter, and city managers, assistants, and others who are interested apply directly to the Mayor and Council. The Mayor and Council conducts a search for candidates, often by inviting managers in other communities to apply if they are interested. ICMA makes no recommendations regarding candidates. Further information is available in the handbook Recruitment Guidelines for Selecting a Local Government Administrator, published by ICMA. Source details come from the ICMA website.

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1. What is the form of government of Capitol Heights?
2. What is the council-manager form, which is used in so many local governments?
3. Is it a responsive form of government?
4. What is the Mayor and Council's function?
5. What is the Town Administrator’s function?
6. Does the Town Administrator participate in policy determination?
7. Are all council-manager governments structured the same way?
8. How much citizen participation is possible under council-manager government?
9. How is the Town Administrator selected?